What Is Destiny Threads?

Simply put, Destiny Threads is a brand – a name, a symbol, a collection of goods.

More than that, however, Destiny Threads is a movement that unites people, inspires hope and demands change. As a collection of handmade goods produced in a manner that observes the principles of fair trade, Destiny Threads allows you to be directly engaged with the work of the young people we are helping. Purchasing a Destiny Threads product allows you to use your purchasing power to stand up against the injustice of child sexual exploitation and slavery. It further provides you with a unique opportunity to spread awareness of the issue by engaging acquaintances, friends, co-workers and even strangers in conversations about your Destiny Threads product.

We hope to see Destiny Threads grow to represent a revolution of compassion around the world. Connected by a common thread – the desire to see children free from bondage – you are our best advocate to grow our impact. Destiny Threads is more than a brand. It’s a movement. A thread that will criss-cross the globe and demand change, linking individuals across state lines, national borders and even across continents, uniting us for a common purpose – to set captives free!

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